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Code of Conduct

Approved January 22, 2002 by the University Senates Conference


This Code of Conduct establishes guidelines for professional conduct by those acting on behalf of the University including executive officers, faculty, staff, and other individuals employed by the University using University resources or facilities, and volunteers and representatives acting as agents of the University.

This is not an attempt to define specifically what one should and should not do, but to communicate the University's expectations of proper conduct and what professional conduct the University values.


Those acting on behalf of the University have a general duty to conduct themselves in a manner that will maintain and strengthen the public's trust and confidence in the integrity of the University and take no actions incompatible with their obligations to the University.

With regard to professional conduct, those acting on behalf of the University should practice:

  • Integrity by maintaining an ongoing dedication to honesty and responsibility;
  • Trustworthiness by acting in a reliable and dependable manner;
  • Evenhandedness by treating others with impartiality;
  • Respect by treating others with civility and decency;
  • Stewardship by exercising custodial responsibility for University property and resources;
  • Compliance by following State and Federal laws and regulations and University policies related to their duties and responsibilities;
  • Confidentiality by protecting the integrity and security of university information such as student records,employee files, patient records, and contract negotiation documents.

Those acting on behalf of the University shall seek appropriate guidance when faced with ethical dilemmas. For additional information related to ethical dilemmas, please contact the University Ethics Office on the Toll-free Ethics Help Line at: 866-758-2146 or via e-mail at:

Other resource and contact information for various campus units is available in the Contact Information section of the University Ethics Office Web site.