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Procurement Reporting

Procurement Communications Reporting

UPDATED 8/24/12 (Procurement Code Changes effective 12/20/11):

Procurement Communications Reporting Training

Please Note: Employees will need their University netid and password to access this document. 

Background Information:

The Illinois Procurement Code (30 ILCS 500/50-39) outlines the responsibilities for procurement communications reporting.  The procurement communications reporting requirement applies only to communications that impart or request material information or make a material argument regarding an active procurement matter (e.g., application, contract, project, or proposal) and that are made to an employee who, by nature of his or her duties, has the authority to participate personally and substantially in the decision to award a State contract. 

The University of Illinois has identified the following roles assumed to have authority to participate personally and substantially in the decision to award a State contract:

  • Members of the Board of Trustees and designees
  • Vice President for Business and Finance and designees
  • President and designees
  • Vice President and Chief Financial Officer and designees
  • Senior Associate Vice President and Associate Directors of Capital Programs and designees
  • Senior Associate Vice President of Business and Finance and designees
  • Executive Assistant Vice President and Assistant Vice President for Business and Finance and designees
  • University Counsel
  • Directors, Senior Associate Director, and Assistant Directors of Purchasing and designees
  • Director of Business Services and designees
  • Director of University Sourcing and designees
  • Director of Real Estate Planning and Auxiliary Enterprise Support and designees
  • Director of Budgets and Financial Analysis and designees
  • Director and Assistant Director of Budget Operations and Analysis and designees
  • Director and Assistant Director of Grants and Contracts and designees
  • Assistant Vice President, University Office for Facilities Planning and Programs and designees
  • University Director, Procurement Support Operations and designees
  • Coordinator for Business and Finance and designees
  • Executive Director for Business and Finance and designees

If you do not serve in one of the roles identified in this list, you still might be required to report if you participate substantially in the decision to award a particular contract and participate in a communication that imparts material information or makes a material argument regarding a potential action on an active procurement matter.

University employees must report written or oral communication to the Procurement Policy Board via their Web site at:

This Procurement Communications Reporting System requires University employees to obtain a login ID and password. These can be obtained in about one week by providing the information requested in FAQ 11 to the University Ethics Office. All reports submitted are approved by a University-designated State Procurement Officer (SPO) and published for public viewing at: The reporting requirement does not involve communications related to existing contracts unless a change order is being discussed.

If you believe you have been involved in a communication with an outside party that requires reporting, please consult the University Ethics Officer by sending an email detailing your specific situation to to ensure your compliance with the Illinois Procurement Code.


Additional information and training:

The Procurement Policy Board developed an instructional presentation which is available in Power Point and PDF format at:


The Procurement Policy Board-developed FAQs can be found at:


For more detailed instructions related to reporting procedures, please visit the reporting and FAQs sections of our Web site.


Reporting Do's and Don'ts:

Don't report:

  • Vendor demonstrations if the demonstration is required as part of the RFP/IFB
  • Statements/presentations made in a public forum and/or during a meeting subject to the Open Meetings Act
  • Communications regarding matters of procedure and practice (e.g., number of copies for RFP response, the manner of filing, status of a matter)
  • Statements made between employees of the University, other Illinois public universities, State of Illinois employees, IPHEC (Illinois Public Higher Education Consortium) when the employee is exercising experience or expertise or exercising oversight or management authority, or between employees of the University and the Illinois Executive Ethics Commission  
  • Unsolicited communications providing general information about products, services and, best industry practices, etc.
  • Communications received in response to a procurement solicitation (e.g., request for proposal, request for information, notice of potential opportunity, request for qualifications, invitation for bid, small purchase, sole source, or emergency solicitation or questions and answers posted to the Illinois Procurement Bulletin to supplement the procurement action, provided the communications are made in accordance with the instructions contained in the procurement solicitation, procedures, or guidelines
  • Communications that are privileged, protected, or confidential under law
  • Communications that are part of a formal procurement process
  • Communications regarding existing contracts
  • Communications regarding memberships in professional, academic, or athletic organizations on behalf of the University, an employee, or a student
  • Communications regarding procurements for events paid exclusively by revenues generated or paid in majority by gifts or donations
  • Communications regarding expenditures for artistic or musical services, productions, or performances held at a University venue
  • Communications regarding the procurement of periodicals or books for the University library

Do report communications including but not limited to:

  • establishing or defining a procurement need or method of source selection
  • regarding preparing specification, plan or requirements
  • preparing any invitation for bid, RFP, requests for information, sole source procurement justifications, emergency procurement justifications, or selection information
  • regarding evaluating bids, responses, offers, letting or awarding a contract
  • resolving protests
  • determining inclusion on prequalification lists
  • identifying potential conflicts of interest
  • determining vendor performance evaluations
  • approving change orders

Procurement Communications Reporting Data Worksheet:

Attached is a document employees should use when communicating with vendors, to ensure they collect sufficient information to submit to the Procurement Policy Board: