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Seasonal and Temporary Employees

Annual Ethics Training for Seasonal and Temporary Employees

All undergraduate employees, extra help workers and medical residents (defined with an employee classification of "SA," "EH," "ES," "RA," or "RB" respectively, in BANNER) complete an approved form of training that is less detailed than the online program provided to permanent employees. SA, EH, ES, RA and RB employees can complete their annual ethics training requirement through the following link:

Annual Ethics Training for Seasonal and Temporary Employees

Employees will log in using their University netid and password. Remember: Springfield and Chicago employees will need to add or, respectively after their netid's to login. For technical difficulty related to login detail, please do one of the following:

If you are a Springfield employee, call the UIS Technology Support Center at 217-206-6000.

If you are a Chicago employee, call the ACCC Help Desk at 312-413-0003.

If you are an Urbana employee, call the CITES Help Desk at 217-244-7000.

Questions regarding UIN's (University Identification Numbers)

These are the numbers in violet or blue on University i-Cards, and all questions related to UIN's should be directed to the employee's human resources contact person. You can locate your UIN by entering requested information at the following site:

Frequency of training

Only one form must be completed per undergraduate worker, extra help employee or medical resident in any calendar year, regardless of the number of departments who employ the individual.

Offline Access (for department use only):

If there is an undergraduate employee, extra help worker, or medical resident who does not have computer access to complete the online version of the training, please have them complete the Offline Annual Ethics Training for Seasonal and Temporary Employees. To do so, please print the linked PDF document below, have the employee complete the certification page, and mail it via US Mail to the University Ethics Office at:

University Ethics Office
Human Resources Building , Room 20
One University Plaza , HRB 20
Springfield , IL 62703-5407

Offline Annual Ethics Training for Seasonal and Temporary Employees

This form of training has only been approved for use by undergraduate workers, extra help employees and medical residents in the format presented above. All other employees are required to complete the online training program.