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University Ethics Office

Human Resources Bldg., Rm. 20

One University Plaza, HRB 20

Springfield, IL 62703-5407

Ethics Help Line: 866-758-2146

Ethics Fax: 217-206-6211

Training Status Reports

2013 Ethics Training Reporting Tool

The University Ethics Office is pleased to provide a reporting tool to designated users within each University unit to assist in monitoring and follow-up related to employee training completion status. Below are instructions for accessing the reporting tool. If you are unable to access the tool but feel that you should have access, please contact the University Ethics Office on the Toll-Free Ethics Help Line at: 866-758-2146 or via e-mail at:

Official Mailing Dates

Seasonal/Temporary Population Communications:

  • Initial notification - 9/18/13
  • First reminders - 10/22/13
  • Final reminders - 11/11/13

Online Training Population Communications:

  • Initial notification - 10/1/13
  • First reminders - 10/14/13
  • Final reminders - 10/28/13

Instructions for accessing the Ethics Training Reporting Tool:

  • Click on the following link: Log in and access the Ethics Training Reporting Tool 
  • Log in using your Enterprise ID and password.
  • Select your respective campus or reporting location and continue to click on the hyper-linked items until your detailed organization report appears.
  • You can sort the listings throughout the tool by clicking on one of the column headings. An arrow will appear allowing you to change the direction of your sort from ascending to descending.
  • When reviewing your detailed employee status report, you may select the "Click here to create and Excel listing" option. You can then open or save the file for personal use and/or distribution.
  • When you are finished reviewing your unit report(s), select the "Click here to sign out" option on the web page. Note: If you have gone to view the document in Excel, you may need to push the "Back" button to locate the log out option.

Please Note: Online ethics training status results are delayed 24 hours due to the timing of the transmission of online completions from the training vendor.