Enforcement, Discipline and Incentives

The Illinois State Officials and Employees Ethics Act (5 ILCS 430/5-10) requires annual ethics training for all University employees. Completion is tracked and disciplinary action is pursued for those who fail to comply with the requirement. This not only confirms the importance both the State of Illinois and the University place on ethical conduct, but it also ensures employees are aware of key ethics rules and how to report suspected violations.

If someone has information about a suspected violation they would like to report, the University has established procedures for doing so, including confidential reporting via the Ethics Line. An initial review is conducted for all reported allegations and if an investigation is warranted, University Ethics and Compliance Office staff conduct and/or coordinate the investigation with other University staff who are independent of the concern. Results of investigations are kept confidential for the protection of all involved, including the initiator of the complaint or allegation. Finally, the University Ethics and Compliance Office follows-up, as necessary, to verify the matter has been resolved consistent with the findings, if any, resulting from the investigation. That resolution may include appropriate disciplinary action.

Disciplinary procedures for civil service and non-civil service employees are set forth in existing Human Resources policies, as well as applicable state law.