Filing Procedures

1. Receive instructions and the filing website, from the Secretary of State via US Postal Mail (For first time online filers, this will contain a password and access code. For returning filers, the maiilng will contain the email address you filed with previously.)

  • You will also be sent an email notification of this requirement by the University

2. Visit the website and log in with your university email and the password provided in the Secretary of State Mailing (returning filers will use the access code and password they filed with previously. If you cannot recall this detail, you will enter your email address in the "retrieve password access number" to have that information emailed to you. This option will ONLY work for those who have filed electronically in a prior year. The email address you filed with last year is also listed on the mailing you received from the Secretary of State. If your email address has since changed, please email to have your email and password reset. You will then be sent a new US Mailing to reinitiate the filing process, as if you are a first-time filer.)

  • If you cannot locate your letter and password, please contact the Secretary of State at Be sure to include your question, name, and a phone number where you can be contacted, if necessary.

  • If you are unable to file the form electronically, you may complete a paper form
    • please fill in your name and home mailing address at the top of the form, complete all blanks, and sign your name in original ink
    • the original form must be placed in US Mail to the Office of the Secretary of State at the address listed on the bottom of their form by May 1st (May 3rd for 2021)
    • they will not accept faxes, photocopies, or electronic signatures for paper filings

Please note: If you are outside the continental United States, you will not be able to complete the online filing and will need to complete the traditional paper form and mail it to the Secretary of State to satisfy this requirement. The form can be located at:


3. Use the form-specific questions page for reference when completing your filing.

4.  The Secretary of State will provide you with a confirmation email once your form has been successfully filed. You will receive a second email once the university Ethics Officer has reviewed your form (as required by law). These communications will be sent from and will contain the subject line: "User Information from Illinois Statement of Economic Interest Filing System to confirm accurate email address."


Please visit the FAQ Statements section of our website to learn more about penalties for late filing and other common questions.

For information specific to the Supplemental Statement form, please visit the Supplemental Statement of Economic Interest Form page of our website.