Illinois Mandatory Ethics Act Training

All state public university employees are required to complete the OEIG-approved annual ethics training program for University employees. This two-part program includes Ethics Act training and Harassment and Discrimination training. This program is unique and completely separate from the training provided to state agency employees. As such, any employee working for both a university and a state agency, will be required to complete both forms of the training. Both new hire and annual training are required by the Illinois State Officials and Employees Ethics Act as described below. Please see our Ethics Training Informational Flyer for links and departmental posting.

Annual Training

The annual training is categorized into two categories (based on employment classification) and is available in both online and offline formats:

Faculty, Staff, and Graduate Assistant Trainings

This program is available online, annually, for 30 days during the month of October at:  For more information regarding training dates, please see the office calendar.

The primary Faculty, Staff and Graduate Assistant Training window has now closed. Employees who did not complete by the 10/31 deadline should complete their training as soon as possible. Employees completing after the initial deadline may be subject to disciplinary action for late completion.

For employees who do not have regular access to a computer in their workplace or who are unable to complete an online program, this course is also offered in a remote classroom setting in the spring and late summer/early fall each year. University Ethics and Compliance Office staff members host remote classroom training sessions in Urbana-Champaign (Housing) and Chicago (Physical Plant, Medical Center) and this is arranged through management in the Physical Plant, Medical Center, and Housing units. Scheduled dates and locations can be seen on the office calendar.

Seasonal, Temporary, and Medical Resident Ethics Act Trainings

This program is available online, year-round(1/1-12/31) for completion at: Seasonal, Temporary and Medical Resident Ethics Act Training

An offline version of this program is available on this page as well.

New Hire Training

There is a new hire orientation requirement within newHire. Employees must complete this training one time in their employment with the University (when they first begin employment). An offline version is available for employees on the New Hire Orientation page of our website.

For additional information, please visit our Training FAQ link related to ethics training.