Compliance Advisory Committee

University-Wide Compliance Advisory Committee

The President of the University of Illinois established the University-Wide Compliance Advisory Committee (“Advisory Committee”) in October 2014.  The purpose of the Advisory Committee is to identify and implement the best model for oversight of university-wide compliance programs at the University of Illinois.

Advisory Committee Responsibilities

The Advisory Committee provides advice and counsel to the University Ethics and Compliance Office based upon the members’ expertise and knowledge of activities across the University of Illinois system.  The Advisory Committee meets at least quarterly to:

  • Assess compliance risks and requirements
  • Review policies across the University
  • Review new compliance policies
  • Recommend the implementation of corrective action, when necessary
  • Present organizational and operational recommendations regarding regulatory compliance and mandatory training requirements for consideration by campus and the University of Illinois System Offices
  • Other tasks and functions as directed by the Office of the President  

 Advisory Committee Membership

The University-Wide Compliance Advisory Committee includes the following members, each bringing unique insight and experience to the compliance function:


  • Donna McNeely, Executive Director of University Ethics and Compliance (Chair)
  • Scott Rice, Deputy University Counsel
  • Jami Painter, Assistant Vice President for Human Resources
  • Julie Zemaitis, Executive Director of University Audits
  • Alice Cary, UIUC Executive Director of Public Safety and Chief of Police
  • Ryan Squire, UIUC Associate Athletic Director for Compliance
  • Jan Novakofski, UIUC Associate Vice Chancellor for Research for Compliance
  • Caryn Bills-Windt, UIC Associate Chancellor
  • Susan Ryherd, UIS Director of Research Administration
  • Joe Barnes, UIUC Chief Privacy and Security Officer
  • Matt Riley, Associate Vice Chancellor for Innovation and CIO, and Interim HIPAA Privacy and Security Officer
  • Patti Pfister, UIC Export Controls Compliance Officer and Chair, UIC Compliance Committee
  • Ginger Velazquez, Executive Director of Business & Finance, OBFS

More Information

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