Daily Status Reports

Within each unit, there should be one or more individuals assigned to monitoring ethics training completion status on a regular basis during the fall semester and daily during the month of October. Through the Ethics Training Reporting Tool, these individuals are able to drill down at both the college and unit levels to locate employees and determine who is outstanding in regards to ethics training compliance. The unit contacts also assist the University Ethics and Compliance Office in follow-up and reaching out to those employees who have not yet completed their training.  These contacts are key to the University achieving a goal of 100% compliance for annual ethics training. This job is most critical during the one-month training window in October each year where the training of a majority of our employees takes place.



Printable Ethics Training Flyer for posting in units

Please log in using your Netid and password.  If you do not have access to this tool and have been asked by management to assist in monitoring compliance within your unit, please contact the University Ethics and Compliance Office via email (ethicsofficer@uillinois.edu) with the following information:

  • Name
  • UIN
  • Netid
  • Chart(s) and 6-digit organizational codes you will need access to for reviewing purposes


Seasonal, Temporary, and Medical Resident Population Communications:

  • Initial notification - 9/14/23
  • First reminders - 10/12/23
  • Final reminders - 11/9/23

Faculty, Staff and Graduate Assistant Training Population Communications:

  • Initial notification - 9/29/23
  • First reminders - 10/16/23
  • Final reminders - 10/30/23