Sexual Misconduct (Title IX) Training

The University’s Prohibition of Sex Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, and Sexual Misconduct policy requires all incoming, returning, and transfer students, as well as all faculty and staff, to be regularly educated on discrimination and harassment prevention, sexual violence, and reporting options and obligations. New students are required to complete training before or early in their first semester. All returning students are provided training materials and encouraged to review those materials each academic year. Paid university employees, including faculty, staff, and extra help, are expected to complete their designated training annually as well, though this occurs during the spring semester. Though all courses are administered by University Ethics and Compliance Office staff, login support and course management are handled through the training vendor, Get Inclusive via their course functionality. The Title IX Coordinators will be responsible for responding to content-related inquiries.

Student Training

Student Training - Voices for Change

The Voices for Change - Comprehensive (Student) course is designed for use by new and returning students enrolled at Urbana-Champaign, Chicago, or Springfield. Students new to the University are required to complete this coursework before or during their first semester of enrollment. Failure to complete the coursework will result in a hold that prevents all registration activity being placed on the student account until the coursework is complete.

Employee Training

Faculty and Staff Title IX Training

The Faculty and Staff Title IX Training course is a mandatory requirement for all faculty and staff of the University of Illinois System (Please note undergraduate student workers and extra help employees satisfy their sexual harassment and discrimination training requirements as part of their Seasonal, Temporary and Medical  Resident Ethics Act Training, which is available year-round and must be completed by 12/31 annually, if not sooner). The course will be available during the spring semester. Employees who are unable to complete the course online should contact their respective Title IX Coordinator to seek alternate training accommodations.

It is important to note that employees who are also enrolled as students at the University of Illinois are expected to complete the employee training, in addition to their student training. The reason we required the completion of both courses is that the roles and responsibilities of employees are not addressed in Voices for Change - Comprehensive (Student), which focus on the student's perspective, along with prevention tips, bystander intervention, reporting options, and student resources.