Confidential Reporting Structure and Investigation Process

The System has established procedures for reporting suspected fraud, abuse, mismanagement, misconduct, waste, or other violations of law and/or policy, including confidential reporting via the Ethics Line (1-866-758-2146).

Reports may be filed anonymously, but for the purpose of effective follow-up, the preference is for employees to provide their names and contact information confidentially. Results of investigations are kept confidential for the protection of all involved, including the initiator of the complaint or allegation. Results are shared on a need-to-know basis only. The University President, Executive Director of Ethics and Compliance, and University Counsel determine when a report will be made public.

As set forth in the System’s policy on Reporting Fraud or Misconduct, Whistleblower Protection, and Investigations, the State Officials and Employees Ethics Act protects System employees against retaliation. If, after investigation, retaliation is found to have occurred, appropriate recommendations will be directed.

For additional information on the investigation process, see Investigation of Misconduct.