Educational Materials and Missions

Exception Approval Form

To request approval, employees should complete and submit their exemption request online at:


Once the form has been submitted, employees will receive an email confirmation.  The form is then routed to the University Ethics and Compliance Office for review/approval.  We make every effort to review and respond to all forms within a 24 hour window. Once an employee's form has been reviewed, it is either approved, denied, or returned for additional information.  These communications are routed via university email accounts. 

If an employee is unable to complete the online form, they can contact the University Ethics and Compliance Office to request a manual form for submission.


Fax: 217-206-6211

More Information on Educational Materials and Missions

The Educational Materials and Missions exception (ILCS 430/10-15(4)) addresses those gifts related to official university business such as travel, conferences, and speaking engagements, where a prohibited source is paying some or all of the related expenses. Typical expenses covered under this exception include, but are not limited to: lodging, conference fees, meals, and transportation. This exception is further defined through the Administrative Rule 1620.700 and Illinois Executive Order 15-09.   

Ultimately, employees are required to seek approval for any expenditures paid by a prohibited source under the Educational Materials and Missions exception, provided the following criteria are met:

  • there is a close connection to the employee's work or the mission of their unit/department
  • the employee's attendance or participation predominately benefits the public or the university, as opposed to them individually
  • the expenditure is approved in advance of travel by the University Ethics Officer (as delegated by the Executive Director of the Executive Ethics Commission)

Two items do not require approval under this exception, provided there are no additional expenditures being covered:

  • single copies of academic or professional publications or software in the employee's area of responsibility or field of study
  • waiver of conference registration fees for employees serving as conference speakers, committee members, or invitees of the conference host

These items, when received without any other gifts or expenditure coverage, may be accepted without approval.  Travel to discuss state business can also be approved under the Educational Materials and Missions exception using this form. 

Please visit our 5 Minute Videos page for a quick video on the EMM Exception. Additionally, please review our handy EMM Resource Page.