Ethics Line

It is the responsibility of every employee to report those things they believe, in good faith, to be violations of law, rule, or regulation. State law, as well as University policy, protects employees from retaliation as a direct result of their reporting through whistleblower protections. For additional information on what to expect when making a report, please see the Making a Report section of our website.  Methods for making a report are identified below.

Reporting Methods:

Ethics Line

Employees can contact the University Ethics and Compliance Office on the Ethics Line to receive assistance or guidance related to ethics or compliance matters:

Ethics Line 866-758-2146


Employees who want to report potential violations of the Ethics Act or other compliance or ethics-related concerns can email the University Ethics and Compliance Office:

US Postal Mailing

Employees who wish to contact the University Ethics and Compliance Office via US Postal Mailing may do so at:

University Ethics and Compliance Office

One University Plaza, MS HRB 18

Springfield, IL 62703-5407

In-Person Meeting

Staff is available for in-person meetings.  Typically, an initial phone conversation will be held to ensure the appropriate resources are dedicated for any in-person meetings.  Ethics and Compliance staff will travel, as necessary, to accommodate meeting preferences and locations.


Employees wishing to contact the University Ethics and Compliance Office via facsimile may do so at:

Fax: 217-206-6211

Reporting Emergencies

Any employee who has a concern for their physical safety or witnesses or is part of any conduct that would ordinarily result in contact with the police should call their campus police/public safety or dial 911. 

Campus police/public safety will involve the University Ethics and Compliance Office, as necessary, once any immediate concerns have been addressed by the appropriate authorities.

Statutory Reference

Illinois State Officials and Employees Ethics Act (5 ILCS 430/15) - Whistle Blower Protections